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Math Stack: a really pretty deck of cards with maths on

Math Stack is a deck of playing cards with mathematical artwork on the faces. The makers call it “a potent and effective learning tool”. I’m not convinced about that, but they are so pretty!


So pretty!

So pretty!

It’s currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, looking for \$2,000 USD. \$6 will get you a single deck of cards (plus \$8 for international shipping), or there are a variety of packages combining multiple decks, stickers, t-shirts and an e-book. Got to love those cheap Indian prices!

The team includes two PhD astrophysics students, an illustrator and sundry design types. Here’s a video showing off more of the cards, which are so pretty.

Each of the non-face cards features a different beautifully rendered mathematical constant, surrounded by some notation and descriptive text, and the Aces each have a different polar plot. You’re definitely not going to unlearn maths playing with these cards. I bet they’d fascinate a keen child to no end.

The Indiegogo campaign ends in July, and they plan to deliver the finished product in October 2015.

tl;dr: SO PRETTY

More information: Math Stack on Indiegogo

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  1. Avatar Sumat Nanda

    Thanks for featuring Math Stack in The Aperiodical :) We believe that churning up interest in a subject and keeping it alive is a fundamental aspect of the learning process. We hope and wish that these cards help do that at the least for mathematics.


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