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Aperiodvent, Day 18: Numbers Aplenty

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Ever wanted to look up a number and find out all kinds of things about it (like, if you’re making a mathematical advent calendar and want interesting facts about the date each day)? No longer do you have to sift through all the tedious non-maths facts you get if you look up a number on Wikipedia: there’s Numbers Aplenty, which allows you to type in any integer up to 15 digits long, and it’ll tell you a long list of the interesting mathematical properties it has. Integeresting!

This is part of the Aperiodical Advent Calendar. We’ll be posting a new surprise for you each morning until Christmas!


One Response to “Aperiodvent, Day 18: Numbers Aplenty”

  1. Avatar Steve

    Hello Katie

    In the last few days I have read about hungry numbers, modest numbers and bare numbers all on Numbers Aplenty all of which are new to me. As there are only 9039 bare numbers below one million could you tell me the largest prime number of these?,

    Kind regards



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