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Alexandre Grothendieck’s notes archive to be released online

News from France, where the family of the late Alexandre Grothendieck, legend of basically all maths, have finally reached an agreement with the academic community about his huge archive of written notes. Discussions have been ongoing for a while but it’s finally been agreed that the notes can be released online for the community at large to take advantage of.

The notes comprise over 100,000 pages of mathematics, diagrams and letters to collaborators, and an initial chunk of over 18,000 pages will be online from 10th May on the University of Montpellier’s website. It’s expected that many undiscovered mathematical treasures might be found within, although the challenge of reading through and deciphering it all may take a Polymath-style mass effort.

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The notes of the mathematician Alexandre Grothendieck arrive on the net, at Libération (in French)

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2 Responses to “Alexandre Grothendieck’s notes archive to be released online”

  1. Avatar Trond Sætre

    I would like to try to read some of Alexandre Grothendiecks mathematics, but I am afraid it will be hard to understand. I am
    a retired (78) medical doctor/psyciatrist, but in my young days I studied physics and basic math. I am resuming math in my old days, now tries to read topology. If not Alzheimer takes me. But he has hopefully not yet arrived.

  2. Avatar Dave Huff

    My boi alex still releasin mixtapes from the grave… Just like 2pac on God


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