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My Favorite Theorem podcast launched

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As of this month, maths person Evelyn Lamb and colleague Kevin Knudson are producing a regular weekly maths podcast called ’My Favorite Theorem’.

They plan to spend each episode talking with a mathematical professional about their favourite result in mathematics, as well as something which goes with it, such as a foodstuff or real-world object which analogises well (like choosing a wine paired with a meal). The episodes are fairly short – both released so far are under 25 minutes – and the first one focuses on the hosts’ own favourite theorems. If you can get past the US spelling of favourite, it’s an enjoyable listen and covers some cool topics.

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2 Responses to “My Favorite Theorem podcast launched”

  1. Avatar Evelyn

    Thanks for sharing! The podcast won’t quite be weekly. (I think we misspoke about that in the first episode. Oops.) It’ll be 1-2 times per month, at least for now. We are very excited about it.
    We sincerely apologize for spelling favorite the correct way. We will try to make up for it by endeavoring to organize a lineup of colorful guests who love to discuss math with their friends, neighbors, and our podcast listeners. We also hope the episodes will center some interesting flavors that pair well with the math our guests like to analyze.
    (OK, I’m kind of out of words with which to annoy British people. I’ll see myself out.)


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