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#Noethember continues

This month, we’re celebrating all things Emmy Noether, using the hashtag #Noethember to share daily sketches and drawings illustrating facts about Noether’s life. Since we’re halfway through the month, here’s a round-up of some of the hashtag action so far.

Our official list of #Noethember facts has provided inspiration for many. We’ve of course had daily sketches from our ‘ring’-leader @Coni777 – who’s also shared some photos of the drawing process:

Beautiful fox-based illustrations from @Lele_Saa:

Pencil and biro sketches from @njj4 and @tkleinwalsh:

Others have used the idea as a springboard to collect their own ideas, including @mathsbooks, who has compiled their own list to work from and used multiple media, including sketches, watercolours and collage; and @algebrasnotwar who’s been drawing lovely cartoons.

The project has been a chance for people to join in even if it’s not a daily commitment, and many have shared occasional images without posting every day, including myself (@stecks), @gravitywithhat and @christianp. Others are joining in with a single post – and it’s all good!

Others are using the hashtag to share other types of Noether-related content – from archive photos and documents to videos and books.

There’s still half a month to go – remember, just because you haven’t drawn something every day so far, or if you’ve started and lapsed (like me… just too busy!) doesn’t mean you can’t join in now. And you don’t have to be amazing at drawing – it’s all about sharing ideas and stories. Join the #Noethember movement!

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