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My adventures in 3D printing: Write Angles Cube

At work we’ve got a 3D printer. In this series of posts I’ll share some of the designs I’ve made.

Three whiteboard stuck in the write angles cube at right angles.

This is one of the first ‘proper’ things I’ve designed – I wanted to have a go at making something based on an object I already had. A colleague asked if I could make some props to explain coordinate systems, and I was holding a whiteboard pen at the time, so I decided to make a set of orthogonal axes out of whiteboard pens.

3D rendering of the write angles cube. Each face has the shape of a pen lid cut out of it.

We use Unique brand whiteboard pens, which have nice lids that slot onto the back of the pen while you’re writing. All I had to do was make a shape that the lid can slot into, and put it on the faces of a cube.

I measured the radius of the pen lid, and the sticky-outy bits down the side, using a ruler. I assumed that the people who designed the pens had rounded off to whole numbers of millimetres, and I think I was right.

You can download .stl and .scad files for the write angles cube at Thingiverse.

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