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PuzzleBomb is a thing again!

Me (Katie) and Paul have restarted our regular monthly puzzle sheets, which were previously hosted here on the Aperiodical, in the form of a Patreon. If you like slightly silly, slightly clever puzzles and want to support what we’re doing, you can sign up as a patron to be sent puzzles each month and access past editions.

Subscribers can expect an all-new A4 PDF of word, number and logic puzzles, delivered direct to their inbox on the 15th of each month. The standard subscription rate is £2 inc. VAT, and a higher tier (£4) is available for subscribers who want to get extra occasional bigger/stupider/more difficult puzzles (including cryptic crosswords), and access to hints and other puzzle tools.

A sample PDF of puzzles is available now on the PuzzleBomb Patreon page, and the first proper edition will be out on 15th September.

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