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Best Illusion of the Year Contest – Final

Since we know you’ll enjoy looking at some weird and wonderful illusion videos, we thought we’d share that the Best Illusion of the Year Contest has posted its 2021 finalists, and you can vote for the winner on their website.

The contest is “a celebration of illusions and perception, created by the ingenuity of the world’s premier illusion creators”. Entries take the form of 1-minute videos featuring “novel illusions […] of all sensory modalities (visual, auditory, etc.) and/or cognitive nature”. A panel of judges selects the top ten, which are then put to a public vote to determine which one tickles most people’s sensory modalities. Voting ends at 8pm on Sunday.

Alongside some lovely perspective, colour and geometrical illusions, mathematician and magician Matt Pritchard has managed to get one of his illusions into the top ten – a fun chessboard illusion with mirrors, which you can see below:

Go and check out the rest of the finalists and vote for your favourite!

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