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Aperiodical News Roundup – November 2023

Here’s a selection of mathematical news from the month of November that we didn’t otherwise mention on the site.

Proof News

Photos of Tim Gowers with a mouse on his shoulder, Terence Tao with a mug that says 'Meaner than he looks', and Ben Green/Freddie Manners
Image: from Gil Kalai’s blog

The dream team of Tim Gowers, Ben Green, Freddie Manners and Terence Tao (pictured above) claim to have solved the polynomial Freiman-Ruzsa conjecture (originally conjectured by Hungarian mathematician Katalin Marton), which is described by Gil Kalai in this blog post as ‘the holy grail of additive combinatorics’. (via Terence Tao)

It’s claimed that the board game Othello has been solved: according to this arXiv paper, perfect play leads to a draw. (via Stephen Brooks)


The UK Government has pledged “support to establish a National Academy focussed on mathematical sciences”. There has been a project to set up such an Academy as a recommendation from the Bond Review ‘The era of mathematics‘ in 2018, and it’s currently in a proto-setup phase.

Algorithmic trading firm XTX Markets has launched a $10m fund “designed to spur the creation of a publicly-shared AI model capable of winning a gold medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad”.

And finally

Ben Orlin has released a few interactive online versions of games from his book “Math Games With Bad Drawings”.

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