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The Big Internet Math-Off 2024, Round 1, Match 2

Here’s the second match in Round 1 of The Big Internet Math-Off. Today, we’re pitting Angela Tabiri against Max Hughes.

Take a look at both pitches, vote for the bit of maths that made you do the loudest “Aha!”, and if you know any more cool facts about either of the topics presented here, please write a comment below!

Angela Tabiri – Understanding the maths behind machine learning

This video gives a brief introduction to the mathematics for machine learning in non technical language. 

The abstract mathematics we do, have real life applications. 

Which other applications of vectors in real life can you think about?

Angela TabiriAngela Tabiri is a mathematician and youth mentoring in STEM expert from Ghana. She is the founder of Femafricmaths, a non profit organisation that promotes female African mathematicians to highlight the diversity in careers after a degree in mathematics. You can follow Femafricmaths on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and X.

Max Hughes – Constructing a mathematical pride dress

The interesting piece of mathematics I would like to put forward for Round 1 of this year’s “Big Internet Math-Off” is the Leonardo Dome, a mathematical structure built following geometric rules that was first designed by Leondaro da Vinci over 500 years ago. To truly represent the majesty of the dome, I decided to document myself turning it into the base for a giant pride themed dress to celebrate pride in mathematics. See the video below:

Max HughesMax Hughes is the coordinator of MathsCity Leeds, who spends their free time playing table-top roleplaying games and reading comic books, whilst being engaged with fun mathsy projects on the side. You can follow them on Instagram.

So, which bit of maths has tickled your fancy the most? Vote now!

Match 2: Angela Tabiri vs Max Hughes

Angela with the maths of machine learning
(82%, 534 Votes) 534 Votes
Max with a mathematical pride dress
(18%, 114 Votes) 114 Votes

Total Voters: 648

This poll is closed.

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The poll closes at 08:00 BST tomorrow. Whoever wins the most votes will get the chance to tell us about more fun maths in the quarter-final.

Come back tomorrow for our third match in round 1, pitting Matt Enlow against Sam Kay, or check out the announcement post for your follow-along wall chart!

42 Responses to “The Big Internet Math-Off 2024, Round 1, Match 2”

  1. Avatar Ellen Amoah

    Angela is the best. I have had opportunity to listen to her maths instructions or lesson and I was really in love.

  2. Avatar Efua GODgirl

    Dr. Tabiri’s work is the real deal. I didn’t want the video to even end. Such a fun way of explaining the maths behind the scenes to us. Thank you thank you thank you. Dr Tabiri for the win

  3. Avatar Gloria Aberinga

    Angela is lady I have Known for some time, all about her life is mathematics

  4. Avatar Alison

    I can’t decide which bit of Max’s video is my favourite – the spectacular dome collapse, the crawling, or the dancing at the end… Iconic

  5. Avatar Olusola

    You make Mathematics interesting every time you have the privilege to teach and to make presentation.
    Well done.

  6. Avatar Adedoyin Esther

    Go Dr Angela… NAFEMREP is proud of you!!!

    Esther from Nigeria


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