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Doodal is a happy little toy which helps you draw fractals. This video explains how:

It’s a Flash applet, which means it doesn’t work on mobile devices :(

Play Doodal

Hyperbolic Hyperbolic Hyperbolic: Daina Taimina at the DUMBO Arts Festival 2013


Fans of hyperbolic crochet, and hyperbole, will be pleased to hear that Daina Taimina’s exhibit ‘Hyperbolic Hyperbolic Hyperbolic‘ is being shown at the DUMBO Arts Festival in New York, on 28 & 29 September. The show features examples of hyperbolic crochet, and invites visitors to experiment with their own hyperbolic crochet and paper creations.

More info (and an extensive selection of sexy hyperbolic crochet photos):

Hyperbolic Hyperbolic Hyperbolic, on the DUMBO Arts Festival website

via Daina Taimina on Twitter