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Podcasts for a university mathematics student

Yesterday, I was asked by Mariana Farinha for podcasts I would recommend to a college student of Mathematics. I assume this is college in the American sense, i.e. university. Though targetting an audience is usually a broad business, so with a suitable margin of error I replied with a few, retweeted the request and a few others replied. Here are the suggestions. What would you recommend? Leave a comment!

Towards a working definition of the terrifying numbers

Someone — it may have been Matt Parker — told the MathsJam conference last weekend there was now a terrifying number of monthly MathsJam meetups, and a murmur went around the room. It was just about the only audience in the world where more than a couple of people would have asked “how do you define a terrifying number?”

Follow Friday, 2/11/12

Since the date is palindromic, and the weekday starts with an F, it’s time for another instalment of Follow Friday! Here’s some people I recommend following if you’re on Twitter, and some enjoyable tweets/links for you to look at if not.