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Get a grip on mathematical symbolism with Loughborough University

Here’s yet another intro to mathematical thinking MOOC. Loughborough University, and in particular Professor Tony Croft, is offering a course called “Getting a grip on mathematical symbolism” through the FutureLearn platform. It starts on the 28th of April.

There isn’t much information about the course online yet, apart from the brief description on the official website and this AV-services-tastic trailer:

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Since everything to do with popular maths has to pun (see also: literally any other page on this site), I can only assume that the course will end with the construction of a robotic hand or high-friction surface.

Tony Croft has a good pedigree with online learning resources: for many years he’s been in charge of maths support at Loughborough, including the invaluable mathcentre support site.

More information

Getting a grip on mathematical symbolism at FutureLearn

Not mentioned on The Aperiodical last week – Un-un-free research, MOOCs and cash for arty maths

Yikes! Even with our hard-working new team of News Team news teamsters chopping away at it admirably, our news queue has grown faster than we can deal with. That means it’s time for another bullet list of news!

Registration opens for second run of Keith Devlin’s MOOC

If you were interested in Keith Devlin’s Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) Introduction to Mathematical Thinking in the autumn but heard about it too late, didn’t have time to take part, or signed up but couldn’t keep on top of the course, you may be pleased to hear that Keith has announced plans for the course to run again from 4th March 2013 for 10 weeks. This is longer than the seven week course which started in September.

A trailer for Keith Devlin’s Intro to Mathematical Thinking MOOC

Keith Devlin has recorded a 3-minute video advertising his Introduction to Mathematical Thinking MOOC on Coursera.

In this, Keith explains the aims of the course, which includes elements seen previously on his MOOC Talk blog, and discusses the structure of the course and a little about the MOOC concept.

According to a tweet from Keith on 27 August, over 33,600 students have registered for the course since registration opened in July. The course starts on the 17th of September.

More info: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking on Coursera

Keith Devlin’s Mathematical Thinking MOOC opens for registrations

Prof Keith Devlin of Stanford University is running a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) on Coursera, titled “Introduction to Mathematical Thinking“, with a stated goal to “help you develop a valuable mental ability – a powerful way of thinking that our ancestors have developed over three thousand years.”

MOOCs are big news, lately, with a popular AI course offered for free online by Sebastian Thrun from Stanford last year. Of course, distance learning and the ability to put course materials online are not new. “So”, asks Devlin in his May 2012 MAA column, “what has changed now?”