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Enormous Sierpiński tetrahedron made of balloons, take 2


Caroline Ainslie has written in to tell us that she and her associates at Pyraloons are having another go at making the world’s largest Sierpiński tetrahedron… from balloons.

Enormous Sierpiński tetrahedron made of balloons


A group called Pyraloons set themselves the challenge of building the world’s biggest Sierpiński tetrahedron from balloons. And they succeeded! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Amazing Sierpinski Tetrahedron

In the wake of a flurry of tetrices being constructed in schools all over the country (see this post about fractal Christmas tree worksheets, and this post featuring photos of completed trees), we’ve also been sent a video of a school group constructing an ambitious and impressive fractal structure, using envelopes cleverly folded into tetrahedra. The video is below, and features (eventually) a level 5 Sierpinski Tetrahedron, made from 1024 envelopes!

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Via teacher Tim Dolan on Twitter.