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Game of Life: a play

A new play called Game of Life is to be performed from 5th-22nd September at The Yard in Hackney Wick in London. It will apparently “bring to life a scientific theory: the phenomenon of ‘emergence’, and Conway’s ‘game of life’ — an elegant mathematical model simulating birth, death and survival”.

“Tenet” – Galois on stage

Tony Mann has written a review of the play ‘Tenet: A True Story About the Revolutionary Politics of Telling the Truth about Truth as Edited by Someone Who is Not Julian Assange in Any Literal Sense‘. Without wanting to spoil the review, which you can read as “Tenet” – Galois on stage on Tony’s Maths Blog, Tony concludes “if you can possibly see this play, I strongly recommend you do so”. The play is currently at the Gate Theatre, Notting Hill, London until May 26th.