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Desmos is the web-based interactive geometry program that isn’t GeoGebra. It’s very popular with teachers.

Someone’s made a nifty tool to turn a Desmos construction into an animated gif. It’s called – you guessed it – GIFsmos. They’ve got a blog containing a few nice animations, but it doesn’t seem to have been updated since I discovered it in March. Anyway, the tool still exists, so go and see what you can create!

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  1. Chris Lusto

    It still exists! I left a job in May, then I’ve been running around to get certified to teach in another state, then job hunting, plus a wedding that’s happening next week. I shall try to update the blog some more :)

    But yes, feel free to tweet me (@Lustomatical) with any cool examples you make, because that’s my favorite way to update the blog…with stuff I didn’t have to create myself.

    Desmos has released a new API version, so I’ll bump that soon as well, but it likely won’t make a huge difference (other than being able to import saved graphs that make use of any new v0.5 features on the Desmos web app.)


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