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Have you used maths in the news in school?

Later this year I am to give a session at a teachers conference on using maths in the news for enriching school maths lessons.

In my session, I intend to go over some recent maths news. I would also like to give some real examples of teachers having used some news in class. 

Samuel Hansen and I keep track of mathematics news and mathematics in the news for our podcast. I am aware that people have written in from time to time to say they have used some bit or another in class but I haven’t recorded these instances.

My plea, then, is this: Whether from the podcast or not, please could you send me your examples of how you’ve used current events in mathematics class for enrichment? I’d like to know what the news story was, what you did and how it worked.

You can leave a message in the comments of this post or send me a message various ways that are listed on the contact page of my website.

Thank you!

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