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Get your bespoke artisanal hand-crafted integers here

Brooklyn Integers is “an independently owned and operated integer-as-a-service provider. All integers are hand-crafted and guaranteed to be unique and hella-beautiful”.

Basically, it’s a site you can go to if you want a unique integer for some reason. It has a logo featuring some authentically overthought and overwrought Brooklyn facial hair, and an API for programmatic integer commissioning.┬áHere’s a number that was made for me earlier: 2038461. I will use it as my new PIN code. ((No I won’t.))

The semi-serious reason for the site’s founding was the need for a source of unique identifying numbers for resources in decentralised networks. For example, every photo on flickr has a unique ID number which can be used to identify it. If several people set up competitors to Flickr they need a way of making sure they don’t pick the same numbers for different photos, hence the integer-as-a-service provider. Having a single site which performs the uncontroversial task of giving out these numbers, everyone can get along together in perfect harmony.

This spirit of co-operation has been applied even to the business of integer-providing: Brooklyn Integers recommends as an alternative source of digits Mission Integers, which provides numbers crafted in San Francisco’s Mission District. They’ve sensible divided the available resources between them — Brooklyn Integers issues odd numbers, while Mission Integers gives even ones.

Of course, I was over integers before they got big. For a truly unique, really authentic number, I use a vintage javascript bookmarklet that gives that warm analogue feel you only get from real numbers in the low-key, off-the-beaten-track range (0,1) (exclusive, of course).


(Found via Matt Yglesias on Twitter)

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