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MAA MathFest Day 2

Colm Mulcahy talking about Martin Gardner. Photo by Rodger Hergert.

MathFest continues apace! Here are Colm’s pictures from day 2.

Colm tweeted several times to say how proud he was to introduce his former student Karen King before her talk, “Because I Love Mathematics: The Role of Disciplinary Grounding in Mathematics”. Professor Frank Morgan has been uploading very short videos of MathFest speakers giving introductions to their talks; here’s Karen King:

You can find more such videos on Professor Morgan’s YouTube channel. I’m not sure how many videos he’s planning on uploading – as I write there are just two.

Thanks to this fantastic century we’re living in, lots of the material presented in Madison is available online to those of us who are thousands of miles away. A quick search has turned up Matt Boelkins’s slides on the free and open-source calculus textbook he’s writing; thecrabking‘s thoughts on day 1; Jordan Ellenberg not disagreeing with a proposal to replace courses on Euclidean proof with programming; and the seemingly anonymously-written “College Math Teaching” blog’s thoughts on day 2. Rodger Hergert, whom I have to thank for the photo of Colm at the top of this post, pointed out a video of a talk by his students Elizabeth Meena and Ellen Borgeld on an “Analysis of Arrow Path Sudoku Puzzles“.

The MAA itself has been posting lots of photos on its Flickr page, which is a good one to watch the rest of the year anyway. And of course, Twitter is a hive of activity, with the MAA leading the way in posting updates on everything that’s going on under the #MAAthFest tag.

Today’s the last day of the conference. Hopefully I’ll get hold of some more photos, and I’m sure lots more material from the talks will appear online for me to link to.

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