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MAA MathFest Day 1

The Mathematical Association of America is throwing a big mathematical party at the moment in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s called MathFest 2012 and promises to be “informative, inspiring, and productive.”

Our intrepid schoolboy reporter Colm Mulcahy is in attendance, and will be sending in pictures and thoughts throughout the three days of the event.

Flatland2: Sphereland to be shown at MathFest

Sphereland, a follow-up to the the animated adaptation of the classic hit-literature-with-a-maths-hammer book Flatland, is to be shown at MAA MathFest in Madison, WI.

MAA MathFest 2012

MathFest, the annual summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America which “offers a substantial mathematical program that promises to be informative, inspiring, and productive”, will take place from 2nd-4th August in Madison, Wisconsin. This promises

Educational Programs, Informative Sessions, Dynamic Exhibits, Memorable Collaborations, Engaging Meetings, Special Events and Activities, Plenty of Mathematics FUN, …and Much more!

The early-bird and regular registration periods have passed, but you can still register at the slightly-increased late rate, from \$60 for graduate/undergraduate students up to \$350 for members of the MAA.

Find out more: MAA MathFest 2012.