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Flatland2: Sphereland to be shown at MathFest

Sphereland, a follow-up to the the animated adaptation of the classic hit-literature-with-a-maths-hammer book Flatland, is to be shown at MAA MathFest in Madison, WI.

The creators of “Flatland: The Movie” return to Flatland for another adventure beyond the third dimension, based on Edwin A. Abbot’s Flatland and Dionys Burger’s Sphereland.

Set on the eve of Flatland’s first mission into their ‘outer-space” the story presents the intriguing mysteries of triangles with angle sums greater than 180 degrees and flipping into dimensions that are literally out of this world . Full of action, humor and lessons, “Sphereland” will delight and educate audiences of all ages.

[vimeo url=]

Source: Dave Richeson on Twitter.

More information: Sphereland | Screening at MathFest 2012

A nice PDF version of the original Flatland

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