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An Alan Turing expert answers your The Imitation Game questions

imitation game faq

The Imitation Game is the new film starring Sherlock Holmes as Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, and Keira Knightley as Kate Winslet as Joan Clarke. Together they are two mathematicians in World War II trying to build a bombe. The film will soon be available on DVD, blu-ray, and as an animated GIF set on tumblr.

These are the Imitation Game FAQs.

Maths movie round up

You wait and wait for a movie about a mathematical genius, and then three come at once. I’ve got Turing, I’ve got Ramanujan, I’ve got Erdős. 

Möbius: the film

Mathematical concept + thriller plot = cinema gold. Everyone knows the formula.

This time, it’s the turn of the Möbius strip.

(this trailer is possibly not safe for work)

[youtube url=]

Flatland2: Sphereland to be shown at MathFest

Sphereland, a follow-up to the the animated adaptation of the classic hit-literature-with-a-maths-hammer book Flatland, is to be shown at MAA MathFest in Madison, WI.

Film “The Turing Enigma” online for free

The Turing Enigma, “a dark thriller, commemorating the tragic death of Alan Turing,” is available to view for free online. First, here’s a trailer:

[vimeo 25774798]