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New podcast takes a look at Maths at the Movies

Thomas Woolley has written in to tell us about the new podcast he’s launched with a couple of friends.

It’s called “Maths at: the Movies” (I suspect the colon is leaving them wiggle room to look at other media) and features co-hosts Thomas and Ben M. Parker chatting about films with “interested observer” and asymptotically anonymous woman “The Wonderful Liz”.

They’ve sent us this blurb:

Maths at: the Movies is a brand new, twice-monthly, podcast that celebrates, critiques and laughs at all the movies that have ever tried to portray the beauty of logical thought on the silver screen.

Helping to untangle the presented numerical mysteries are the scatter-
brained mathematicians, Dr Thomas E. Woolley (Cardiff University) and Dr Ben M. Parker (University of Southampton), whilst the voice of the interested observer is ably supplied by The Wonderful Liz.

The general knowledge of the hosts will also be supported by special guests with specific expertise.

Through watching epic mathematical films, such as: 21, Proof and Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land your hosts attempt to answer questions like:

  • How do you win in a casino?
  • Did Fibonacci keep Rabbits?
  • What IS mathematics?

So come and listen to our dulcet tones of as we take a lighter look at mathematical movies.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, the first episode is online now, about 2008 card-counting drama 21, and a second is soon to follow.

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