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Ada Lovelace Day Live!

Ada Lovelace Day Live! is “an evening of fun, inspiration and robots” in London in October. The website offers this description:

Join Helen Arney, Dr Suzie Sheehy, Gia Milinovich, Dr Helen Scales, Helen Keen, Dr Alice Bell, Sarah Angliss and Sydney Padua for an entertaining evening of science, technology, comedy and song on Ada Lovelace Day. Featuring all manner of wonders, from marine biology and particle physics to the secrets of fridges and performance robots, Ada Lovelace Day Live! is an event not to be missed!

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. The event is also supported by the Women’s Engineering Society, who will be presenting the Karen Burt Memorial Award to a newly chartered woman engineer.

The event takes place on Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 6.30pm at the IET in London. Tickets cost £10.

More information: Ada Lovelace Day Live!

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