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Follow Friday, 12/10/12

With nonmonotonic irregularity, it’s time for another Follow Friday – a round up of the maths people on Twitter you should be following, or at least some fun links you can look at.

1. @mathshistory

Interested in broadening your knowledge of maths along the negative axis in the fourth dimension (in this case considered as time)? @MathsHistory is a feed by the British Society for the History of Mathematics, and it’s run by several friends of the Aperiodical including Tony Mann and Noel-Ann Bradshaw from the University of Greenwich, and our very own Peter Rowlett. The feed tweets a daily interesting fact about a mathematician relevant to the date, e.g. someone who was born or died on the day in question. It’s like a virtual maths history desk calendar, or mathematician of the day toilet paper (but in a good way).

2. @ajk_44

Alison works for maths activities behemoth NRICH, and runs the Cambridge MathsJam. These are two reasons to follow her already. She also tweets and retweets interesting, thought-provoking and fun maths stuff – there you go, decision made.

3. @alexbellos

He writes amazing books about maths (if you haven’t read them, do – I’m so full of recommendations today). He also, it turns out, writes amazing tweets about maths, as well as other things. Well worth a follow.

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