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Women in Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

At the Royal Society this week, they’ve celebrated Ada Lovelace Day with an Edit-A-Thon of everyone’s favourite The Free Encyclopedia. A group gathered yesterday to hack away at some of Wikipedia’s most neglected entries – those covering famous females. Partly due to the under-representation of women in editing, such articles can be under-developed and/or have a male slant.

While Ada Lovelace’s entry is pretty impressive and full of information about the pioneering mathematician, there are many others worthy of note which haven’t had so much attention. This article in The Guardian describes some examples of pages which need sprucing up, and the planned list of pages to edit can be found here.

Many other events are being planned along similar lines, including this one at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, and this one in Manchester. Why not join in and edit some pages yourself?


List of suggested pages to edit (and WikiProject page with info on how to take part)

Oxford edit-a-thon, 26th October

Manchester edit-a-thon, 25th November

Ada Lovelace Day

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