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Follow Friday, 9/11/12

At what can only be described as far too regular an interval for such things, it’s another Follow Friday! Here’s who you should be getting in line behind people to follow this week, as well as some of their recent interesting links.

1. @undunc

Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk, superb mathematics speaker and Total Wipeout second-round-getter-to-er Prof. David Spiegelhalter is on Twitter, and it’s probably a good idea to follow him, if you’re into risky business (probability).

2. @richardwiseman

Especially on Fridays, followers of psychologist, author and magician Richard Wiseman get a treat in the form of his Friday puzzle – not always super-difficult but often mathematical and something to get your sluggish end-of-week brain going. He also tweets about psychology a lot, so be warned.


Not only does Andrew write posts for the Aperiodical very occasionally, he also regularly attends Manchester MathsJam, created that Twibbon which says ‘may be a joke’ with a little arrow, and is now visiting Skeptics groups around the UK to talk about the mathematical equations companies pay unscrupulous researchers to concoct so they can print them in newspapers like they’re real science and sell products. His research on the topic has earned him a description by Ben Goldacre as ‘frighteningly anal’.

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