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Walking on π in the NSF Visualization Challenge

Fran Aragón Artacho has emailed to tell us that he and Jon Borwein have entered their image of a walk on the first 100 billion digits of π in the National Science Foundation (of the USA)’s International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge. Fran says:

Jon Borwein and I have submitted our picture of a walk based on 100 billion digits of pi to a visualisation contest from the NSF (National Science Foundation). The winners will appear in Science (one will be selected for the front cover!). And we have good news: we are one of the 10 finalists in the Illustration category!

A committee of judges will decide the winner, but there’s also a People’s Choice award, where anyone can vote. And here’s where we ask for your help: if you can vote for us, and even ask your friends (or students?) to do it as well, we’d be very thankful. It only takes 1 minute to do it. The voting is open till Nov 08. The link for voting us is the following:

We covered the walk on π earlier this year. This image is one of only a few mathematical visualisations among a sea of biological pictures, so do have a look and vote for it if you think it’s the best picture in the competition.

More info

Vote for Walking on π

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The full 108 gigapixel image on GigaPan

Walking on numbers project homepage

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