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All Squared, Number 3: As Easy As…

Remember, remember,
The fourteenth of March.

While the previous number of All Squared failed to achieve topicality by appearing several weeks after the event it was about, this time we’ve hit the nail bang on the head with a podcast all about π day… on π day!

We chatted to Festival of the Spoken Nerd’s Steve Mould about remembering π – how much can you memorise; how much should you memorise; and if you really insist on memorising it, what’s the best way to do it?

Here are some links to the things we referred to in the podcast, along with some bonus extras:

Steve Mould has his fingers in, if you’ll excuse one final pun, many pies. Here are some links to some of his projects you might find interesting:


3 Responses to “All Squared, Number 3: As Easy As…”

  1. Avatar Christian Perfect

    I’ve just noticed that in the “pi in base 26” link, A = 0. While starting from zero is the correct way to count, in this case setting A = 1 means Z can stand for ‘zero’. Opportunity: missed.


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