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Follow Friday, 29/03/13

It’s Friday again! And with a seamless unbroken chain of Follow Friday posts stretching backward through time with no discernible gap, here’s another post with some recommendations of people to follow on Twitter if you’re into maths.

1. @GeometryFact

Fact fans and Follow Friday readers will be aware that there’s already an excellent selection of mathematical-fact-tweeting accounts, including @TopologyFact and @AlgebraFact. Since the only worthwhile type of mathematics is pure maths, another important one to mention is @GeometryFact, which didn’t exist at time of last writing and came into existence about two weeks ago. If collinear points in a plane make your conic section go all convex, this is the fact feed for you.

2. @CutTheKnotMath

If you’re aware of Cut The Knot‘s fantastic website of mathematical puzzles and facts, you’ll be pleased to hear that its author Alexander Bogomolny has a Twitter account, which he uses to tweet regular interesting stuff and mathematical musings.

3. @CarnivalofMath

If you’d like to be sent a link roughly once a month to a nice blog post rounding up nice maths blog posts from the intervening month, which you may or may not have already seen, then you should be aware that we host the Carnival of Mathematics here at the Aperiodical, and it has a Twitter account which reminds you when each new edition is out. If you’ve written or seen a good blog post this month, please send it in! The deadline for this month is 1st April.

That’s all for this edition of Follow Friday! Keep your eyes peeled for more, at some point when it’s Friday.

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