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MathsJam Conference 2013: early-bird discount has ended

Unlike good news websites, we’re reporting this after it’s useful: if you wanted to book for this year’s MathsJam annual conference at the discounted 10% off early-bird rate, you’re now NOT able to do so. However, there are still a few places left, although not many, so if you do want to join in with a weekend of fun maths and hanging out with cool people, you should get in there as quickly as possible. 

The MathsJam conference takes place on the weekend of 2-3 November, 2013. Between now and then, there’s only one monthly pub-based MathsJam meetup, which will be on 22nd October in a pub near you.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s even more opportunities to Jam with Maths, in particular if you happen to be in or near Manchester. The Manchester Science Festival takes place in October, and there’ll be an extra one-off big MathsJam in Manchester during the festival, which will take place on 29th October (yes, that’s between the monthly Jam and the conference). The people of Manchester can’t get enough maths, it seems, and if you’re in the area or will be for the science festival, feel free to join them for a night of lighting talks, celebrity spotting and maths puzzles. For more information, visit the Manchester Science Festival website, or read the same copy on the MathsJam site.

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Special extra MathsJam at Manchester Science Festival.

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