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All Squared, Number 8: Martin Gardner (Colm Mulcahy part 2)

Martin Gardner "standing by every word he ever wrote"

This is the second and final part of our interview with Colm Mulcahy. Last week we talked about card magic; in this part we moved on to the subject of Martin Gardner and the gatherings of interesting people associated with his name.

We’ve tacked on some blather we recorded about the British Science Festival in Newcastle to the end of this podcast. Listen in to hear what we think about maths! (We’re broadly in favour of it.)

Here are some links to go with the things we talked about:

  • Martin’s autobiography, Undiluted Hocus Pocus, came out last month. Here’s a review in Plus Magazine.
  • Mathematics Awareness Month in 2014 will be on the theme of “Magic, Mystery and Mathematics”, to celebrate Martin Gardner’s centenary.
  • The Gathering 4 Gardner happens every two years. The next one is in 2014, but it’s invitation only!
  • Celebrations of Mind happen all round the world to carry on the Gardnerian spirit. You can look at a map of all the events and register your own at the official site.

Colm’s book Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects is published by CRC Press, priced £19.99/$29.95 and available from the booksellers in general.


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