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The arXiv has enabled MathJax!

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A bit of slightly overdue but welcome news: the arXiv has enabled MathJax on paper abstract pages. Authors have regularly been using LaTeX syntax in their titles and abstracts, but now the arXiv typesets them automatically for you.

There’s some explanation of how it works and what it means on a new help page. I’ve picked out at random a few examples of abstracts containing LaTeX for you to look at:

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that many authors use custom LaTeX macros in their abstracts, which cause the typesetting to fail. But maybe people will be more careful to use standard LaTeX now that the paper submission page gives you a preview of the typeset maths.

Grouches, grumps, and good-for-nothings can disable MathJax, if their cold hearts tell them they must, by clicking a link on the arXiv’s MathJax help page.

More information

MathJax on the arXiv help page


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