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Math Awareness Month 2014

Hey, you! Are you aware of MATH?


Well, of course you’d say yes. But every year the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics runs a Math Awareness Month in April as an excuse to promote a load of great materials and events designed to attract other people to the subject.

This year there was only one sensible choice for the theme of the month. As it’s Martin Gardner’s centennial year, the theme is Mathematics, Magic, & Mystery.

This is an American thing so all the official activities are taking place over there, but there’s plenty to admire just in the poster made to advertise the month. It’s got everything mathematical, magical, and mysterious: it’s got juggling, it’s got card tricks, it’s got fractals, you’d better believe it’s got a magic square right at the top of it, and it’s got a load of other mind-bending arty maths. The AMS recommends you post copies of it everywhere.

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So, in conclusion:

stay frosty out there.

More information

Mathematics Awareness Month 2014.

Mad Libs-style press release so you can announce your own involvement in the month.

The theme poster.

Martin Gardner Centennial.

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