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AMS online opportunities

downloadThe American Mathematical Society have created a system of online listings for people offering awards, fellowships, professional opportunities and other maths-related callouts. There’s a website at, where you can search, browse, share, and post calls for fellowship and grant applications, prize and award nominations, and meeting and workshop proposals in the mathematical sciences. Current listings include calls for conference papers, an essay competition aimed at high school students, and a call for funding bids for activities relating to women in mathematics, among many others.

The system is aimed at mathematics faculty/scientists, institutions, programs, postdocs/early-career mathematicians, postgrads, undergrads, high school students and teachers (so, pretty much anyone involved in maths), and we’ve cheekily used it to post a call for submissions of articles for our Irregulars column, where we feature guest posts from other authors.

More information

Awards, Fellowships and other opportunities, at the AMS website.

“Really Big Numbers” by Richard Evan Schwartz, the AMS’s first book for children

The American Mathematical Society has published its first book for children. It’s called Really Big Numbers.

They’ve made a rather pleasant trailer for it.

[youtube url=]

It made me want to wait for the audiobook version: author Richard Evan Schwartz has a soothing Bob Ross-like voice. (Edit: turns out the voice is Alexander Dupuis)

Really Big Numbers will be available from the AMS from the 12th of May, priced $25.

Math Awareness Month 2014

Hey, you! Are you aware of MATH?


Well, of course you’d say yes. But every year the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics runs a Math Awareness Month in April as an excuse to promote a load of great materials and events designed to attract other people to the subject.

What kind of mathematics is right for you? Maybe applied sarcasm?

University of Chicago grad student Kathryn Mann spotted this possibly-sexist flyer handed out by the AMS at a recent event:


The beautiful stock photo men are all doing pure maths, and the beautiful stock photo women are all doing applied! Heinous!

Visual Insight by John Baez

visual insight

John Baez, the very first maths blogger, has started a new blog called Visual Insight. It’s hosted by the American Mathematical Society and is “a place to share striking images that help explain advanced topics in mathematics.”

So that’ll be nice.

Go there: Visual Insight – Mathematics Made Visible

Scrooge McDuck in Mathmagic land

A sympathetic story for you this Saturday.

Andy has a problem. He can’t solve it on his own – he needs your help. This problem vexed Andy so much that he spent four years trying to solve it on his own, to no avail. It really is a very difficult problem. Finally in 1997, out of what must have been sheer desperation, Andy reached out to his fellow man: maybe some kindly type out there could find a solution to his problem, which he would gladly reward with a small consideration.

Can you help a soul in need?