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Domputer: the movie

If anyone remembers October 2012 (ahh, those were the days) you might recall we wrote about Aperiodipal Matt Parker, and his crazy project to build a computer out of dominoes. Well, it happened, but not much has happened since – sorting out a video of the event has taken a while. But it’s ready now! And it’s great!

The video was made by amazing science TV guy Jonathan Sanderson, of StoryCog and, who also helped to build the computer on the day (I have it on good authority that he personally placed ‘at least one domino’).

Since Matt likes to do things in prime-numbered multiples, this isn’t the only thing related to the Domino Computer you can watch on the internet. There’s also a Numberphile video, which is being posted today, in which Matt talks about the project:

And since Matt doesn’t really believe 2 is a proper prime number, he’s also posting a set of worksheets on his website at Think Maths, so you too can have a go at building logic gates from dominoes, and if you’re feeling ambitious, a domino computer of your very own. They’re designed for teachers so you can work with a class, but they’d also be suitable for bored people with too many dominoes (ooh me, me).

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