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CP and Cushing take the National Numeracy Challenge


Cushing was injured in a serious maths accident recently (he fell out of the bath) so I wanted to assess the damage to his number-wrangling faculties.

Fortunately, there’s the National Numeracy Challenge, which begins with a test to pinpoint your weak areas. National Numeracy is a charity that wants every adult in the UK to “reach a level of numeracy skills that allow them to meet their full potential.” Well, if there’s one thing we’ve got, it’s bags of potential.

So I called David up and we took the test together. Because I had my fears about how it might go, I recorded our conversation. You can listen to that below. You’ll probably get the most out of it if you follow along with the test yourself, by going to and signing up. It only takes a minute!


WARNING: Spoilers ahead





We got to Level 2! target And it turns out it did give us certificates!

cp certificate cushing certificate

More information

Take the National Numeracy Challenge (or, since you’re reading this site, share that link with your relatives)

National Numeracy

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