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Three Sticks

Three Sticks box

The nice chaps at Kitki, an educational board game company based in India, have come up with a cool idea for a mathematical board game. They’re funding it through IndieGoGo (which if you haven’t heard of it is a bit like Kickstarter), and they’re looking for your help.

Three Sticks board gameThe game, called Three Sticks, is based on a square grid of dots. The playing pieces are sticks of lengths 3, 4 and 5 units, and you play them on the board by joining two dots. You score points by using your sticks to form geometric shapes, and refill your pile of sticks through picking up cards and stealing sticks from other players.

It sounds like a fun game, and if it goes ahead, it’ll also be pretty good as an educational tool. Scoring is based on the perimeter and type of shape created, which means you have to do a calculation to work out how many points you get. You can score extra points by being the first person to make a given shape, and you can also overlap different shapes – so you can make more than one shape which share some of the same sticks.

Pledge rewards range from a freshly-minted copy of the game up to a beautiful collector’s edition in a wooden box. They’re looking to raise $10,000 to get the first run of games made, and if it’s something you’d like to see happen, you can donate on their IndieGoGo page.

More information

Three Sticks fundraising page on IndieGoGo

Three Sticks on Twitter

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  1. Avatar Rohini

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