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Follow Friday: 13/2/15

Remember when we used to do a regular Follow Friday post, recommending mathematically interesting Twitter accounts? Well, this is like that, only not hugely regular. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Recently launched, @IMA_Research is the new Twitter account for the Research Committee of the IMA. The Committee works with funders and users of mathematics research, to promote the needs of mathematics and applied mathematics research, and the account promises to ‘provide useful information’ – they obviously don’t understand how Twitter works.


Hannah Fry, YouTube star and UCL mathematics outreach bod, is also a superstar on Twitter, and tweets about interesting maths and videos of cute dogs.


Wolfram|Alpha, that fantastic source of mathematical insight (and doing your maths homework for you), has its limitations. This Twitter account posts examples of things which Wolfram|Alpha wasn’t able to parse and calculate instantaneously. This could be my new favourite thing.

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