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First Clay Award for Dissemination of Mathematical Knowledge goes to Etienne Ghys


The Clay Mathematics Institute is best known for handing out a cool million in return for answering a hard question, much like Chris Tarrant.

Anyway, that’s not all they do! The Institute says it is “dedicated to increasing and disseminating mathematical knowledge”, and that now includes handing out an award for Dissemination of Mathematical Knowledge. The first recipient is research mathematician, Frenchman, and all-round top chap Etienne Ghys.

Ghys is Directeur de Recherche at CNRS, where among other things he took charge of the superb exposition site Images des Mathématiques. We last mentioned Ghys here in 2012 when he was the LMS’s Hardy Lecturer, touring Britain to give lectures on various topics.

The award will be presented after a public lecture in Oxford on October 1st.

So this is very well-deserved prize. Congratulations, Professor Ghys!

More information

Clay Award for Dissemination – announcement at the Clay Mathematics Institute

Etienne Ghys’ homepage

Images des Mathématiques

A bit of googling tells me that there’s going to be a conference in honour of Etienne Ghys, titled “Geometries in action”, at the start of July.

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