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New issue of MSOR Connections, I’m an editor

MSOR Connections volume 14 issue 1 coverI am now one of the editors of MSOR Connections, a peer-reviewed practitioner journal that welcomes research articles, case studies and opinion pieces relating to innovative learning, teaching, assessment and support in mathematics, statistics and operational research in higher education.

This journal was published by the Maths, Stats and OR Network 2001-12, then by the Higher Education Academy in 2013. The first new issue for two years, published by a volunteer group coordinated and supported by sigma and the Greenwich Maths Centre, is volume 14 issue 1.

This issue includes articles about maths support, active learning of game theory, support for numerical reasoning tests in graduate recruitment, an implementation of the Maths Arcade, and an article about the new maths learning space at Sheffield Hallam University at which I am going to work later this month, written by my new head of department (you can just about see my office-door-to-be in figure 2).

Submissions are encouraged, which could be case studies, opinion pieces, research articles, student-authored or co-authored articles, resource reviews (technology, books, etc.), short update (project, policy, etc.) or workshop reports and should be of interest to those involved in the learning, teaching, assessment and support of mathematics, statistics and operational research in higher education.

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