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πkm Running Challenge: 7-day update

This month I'm doing a completely irrational sponsored run for Sport Relief, aiming to raise £100π by running πkm per day, every day in March. I'm one week in, and here's the story so far.

Day one. Got my proper socks on and everything.

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Given the first few days of my challenge coincided with one of the most ridiculous periods of cold weather we've seen in a while, I wasn't quite willing to brave the outdoors yet, so my first few days were done on a treadmill in the gym.

On the fourth day, the weather broke, so I took advantage of the fact that my parents live near a lake whose perimeter works out to almost exactly πkm. I dragged my dad round it – and even made a short video:

Day 4 complete! I have braved outdoors. #pikmdotrun

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On day 5, I dragged another of my family members for an outdoor run:

Day 5! Did a canal-side run with my bro, and overshot slightly… 3.41km :)

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And finally, today I managed my first solo outdoor run, literally running an errand to fetch some workshop materials from the Museum of Science and Industry across town. By careful route choice, I managed to hit my target within sight of the front doors:

Day 7: completed!
Weirdly exactly the distance from my home to the museum

The best news of all is that on day four, I managed to hit my fundraising target! I reached £314.15 on 4th March, and promptly decided to extend the challenge by upping the target. My new goal is £3141.59, which I'm almost certainly not going to reach, but it gives me something to shoot for. I've got the rest of the month!

You can make a contribution (all to the brilliant cause that is BBC Sport Relief), and continue to follow along with my social media updates/proof, by heading to my fundraising page at

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  1. Avatar Linda

    The links to your fundraising page are broken. How can I pledge 404 pennies ;) ?


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