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Aperiodvent, Day 20: Borromean Baubles by Woolly Thoughts

If you’re a knitter or crocheter, or just like making things, knitter and mathematician Pat Ashforth has put together a knitting pattern for cube-shaped baubles with the structure of Borromean Rings (each of the three components is linked through the others, and can’t be separated, but if any one of them is cut, the other two are unlinked). There’s a variety of ways to jazz them up, and they’re ideal for using up leftover bits of yarn, as they only need a small quantity.

The cubes can also be used to conceal a small gift. The pattern includes instructions for making the same object from paper/card, or coloured plastic folders.

This post is part of the Aperiodical’s 2018 Aperiodvent Calendar.

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