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Matt Parker does BBC GCSE maths revision videos

Stand-up mathematician and friend of the site Matt Parker has produced a set of videos for teacher resource site BBC Teach, aimed at GCSE maths students.

The videos are targeted at students aiming to raise their grade from 4 to 3, to help them revise and prepare for exams. We spoke to Matt, who explained, “Most of my youtube videos are aimed at an already nerd audience, so it was great to be able to do some videos specifically for students who struggle with, and probably don’t like, maths.”

The series is titled ‘The Maths Show’, and topics covered include equivalence of fractions, ratio and proportion, negative numbers, scatter graphs and lines of best fit, probability trees and tips on exam technique. “I had no idea my ability to sit behind a desk and read off cards would one day help students pass their GCSE maths exams,” Matt added.

The videos are all available to watch on the BBC Teach website, and some are on the BBC Teach YouTube channel. There’s also an introductory video of Matt speaking with educational consultant and maths teacher Nicole Cozens about the topics covered in the series, and how best to use the videos in the classroom.

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