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Matt Parker does BBC GCSE maths revision videos

Stand-up mathematician and friend of the site Matt Parker has produced a set of videos for teacher resource site BBC Teach, aimed at GCSE maths students.

3Blue1Brown makes really clear videos about maths

3blue1brown circle

3Blue1Brown is Grant Sanderson, who’s writing software to help make videos explaining maths. So far, it’s going pretty well!

Not Mentioned on the Aperiodical this month, 6th October

Here’s a roundup of some news stories that slipped past our highly trained news snipers.

Collaborative Mathematics: kids (and non-kids) work together on problems over YouTube

Jason Ermer’s Collaborative Mathematics project┬áhas launched its first video challenge. The project aims to allow mathematics to happen collaboratively via the medium of online videos, and video responses. The idea is that having watched the challenge video, you work with a group of friends (collaboratively) and post a response video, and then watch others’ response videos, and hopefully somewhere along the line mathematics will happen.

International Year of Statistics Video Contest

In case you’d already forgotten, 2013 is the International Year of Statistics (I had; turns out Katie told us about it just after the New Year). One of the many activities going on is a video contest sponsored by the publishers Wiley.

Take it away, Wiley!

We invite videos of four minutes in length or less that illustrate

  • how statistics impacts individual lives, improves society, or in general makes the world more a better place
  • how statistical thinking can be brought to bear on important issues of our day
  • interesting careers in statistics (tell the world why your job in statistics is a great job, or why it is interesting and fun to be a statistician)

Prizes of $250 to $1000 will be awarded for the best videos, with┬áspecial prizes for “the best videos by a person or persons 18 years of age or less and the best non-English language videos”.

Submissions must be received by February the 28th, so get rolling.

More information

Statistics 2013

Video contest details