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Not Mentioned on the Aperiodical this month, 6th October

Here’s a roundup of some news stories that slipped past our highly trained news snipers.

Turing Year Will Continue Forever

A mere two years late for 2012’s year-long celebration of all things Turing, the first performance of a piece titled “Codebreaker“, to commemorate Turing, will take place in April 2014.

Codebreaker, at The Barbican

Dancing Statistics

The British Psychological Society presents a series of interpretive dance pieces demonstrating various concepts from statistics, including correlation, variance and standard error.

Public Engagement: Dancing Statistics

via Lucy Irving on Twitter

Quantum Physics Just Got Simultaneously More and Less Incomprehensible

This well-written piece describes the amplituhedron – a posh name for a positive Grassmannian – and can be used as part of a geometric approach to modelling particle interactions in quantum physics.

“A Jewel at the heart of Quantum Physics”, in Quanta Magazine

Basically untestable equation news

A new equation for estimating the prevalence of life across the universe, which takes a slightly different tack to the existing and well-known Drake Equation, has been put forward by MIT’s Sara Seager. The new equation takes into account chemical compositions of planets’ surfaces, and doesn’t make the assumption that alien species would be intelligent and have radio technology.

The new equation for estimating alien life across the universe – Stuart Clark, at The Guardian

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