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Updates to Mathigon mobile apps

Mathigon is an online interactive textbook for mathematics, which we’ve written about here before. They’ve just launched updated versions of the phone/tablet app version of their site, including new features and an offline mode.


This is a guest post from Philipp Legner, the creator of Mathigon – an interactive maths education platform. Every year, thousands of students around the world ask themselves why they have to learn mathematics. Calculators can do long division. You can look up the quadratic formula on the internet. And when will you ever need…

Resources for learning probability and statistics

I was recently asked for some recommendations of resources for learning about probability and statistics, for someone without a strong mathematical background. I did a little digging, and have collated what I found here in case it’s useful to anyone else. Add your own suggestions in the comments!

Mathematical Things To Do

If you find yourself at a loose end this month, want a break from focusing on work, or have younger mathematicians to entertain, here are some suggestions for online activities you can do/watch/attend. If you have any suggestions of your own, add them in the comments!