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Newcastle MathsJam October 2012 Recap

I’ve posted my recollections of what happened at last month’s Newcastle MathsJam over at my mathem-o-blog.

Newcastle MathsJam September 2012 Recap

I’ve written up my recap of last week’s Newcastle MathsJam. We had some magic tricks, debated the application of game theory to the penal system, almost played a game of rhythmomachy, and of course we solved a few puzzles.

Read my recap on my other mathem-o-blog.

Manchester MathsJam Recap, August 2012

This month was a small group, but MathsJam is serious business so we got through loads of fun in the time allotted for fun. To start with, we hacked away at Leeds’ tweeted starter for ten:

Manchester MathsJam July 2012 Recap

This month we had two new attendees, as well as some regulars. We talked about lots of different things, although one recurring theme was the Crisp Tube Enigma machine, which we were using to send coded messages to Newcastle MathsJam. There will shortly be a video chronicling our achievements, and I’ll post a link to the video and writeup here once it’s ready.

Manchester MathsJam June 2012 Recap

Having been absent from the May MathsJam, I have been promised a writeup by Manchester MathsJam regular and sometime Aperiodical article-writer Andrew Taylor. This has not yet arrived, and in the interests of making things as temporally confusing as possible, I’m going to post the June writeup now and let that one happen whenever it happens.

June’s MathsJam coincided with one of England’s games in the Euro Football Time 2012 Soccer Cup, or whatever it’s called, but luckily the pub we use for our MathsJams is one of the few locations in Manchester not showing the game, and instead we were treated to some live jazz from the other room.

Manchester MathsJam April 2012 Recap

The turnout this month was slightly lower than usual, but many of our regulars were there and we had the chance to have some good discussions and really get into things.