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Math/Maths 121: Live from Maths Jam Conference 2012

A new episode of the Math/Maths Podcast has been released.

Recorded live at the Maths Jam Conference 2012, Samuel spoke with Peter and also with John Read, Alistair Bird, James Grime, Katie Steckles and Matt Parker about what they’ve seen and enjoyed at the Maths Jam Conference 2012.

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We’re all off to MathsJam!

This organ’s benevolent editing triumvirate is making its way to a conference centre outside Crewe this weekend for our AGM, which happens to coincide this year with the big MathsJam conference. If you’re going as well, please do say hello, and if you’re not, keep an eye on each of our Twitter feed @aperiodical and the #MathsJam hashtag. We’re going to be trying to tweet along with most of what’s happening, as will most of the other 100 attendees, and we’re going to have some good posts lined up for the coming weeks based on what we see there.

Newcastle MathsJam October 2012 Recap

I’ve posted my recollections of what happened at last month’s Newcastle MathsJam over at my mathem-o-blog.

Newcastle MathsJam September 2012 Recap

I’ve written up my recap of last week’s Newcastle MathsJam. We had some magic tricks, debated the application of game theory to the penal system, almost played a game of rhythmomachy, and of course we solved a few puzzles.

Read my recap on my other mathem-o-blog.

Manchester MathsJam, September 2012

This month saw a record high turnout, requiring as many as three tables being pushed together, a whole bag of maltesers and a tin of shortbread someone got for Christmas and hadn’t eaten yet. We also had one new attendee who had previously been a regular at Newcastle MathsJam, and has now moved to Manchester for a PhD. Not that it’s a competition or anything, but in your face Newcastle. In fact, the turnout was so large that I couldn’t even keep track of everything that was going on, and when I collected in all the scrap paper I found people had written down several things I wasn’t aware we talked about, including the method for cube rooting large numbers used by Maths Busking.

Manchester MathsJam Recap, August 2012

This month was a small group, but MathsJam is serious business so we got through loads of fun in the time allotted for fun. To start with, we hacked away at Leeds’ tweeted starter for ten: