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Manchester MathsJam July 2012 Recap

This month we had two new attendees, as well as some regulars. We talked about lots of different things, although one recurring theme was the Crisp Tube Enigma machine, which we were using to send coded messages to Newcastle MathsJam. There will shortly be a video chronicling our achievements, and I’ll post a link to the video and writeup here once it’s ready.

MathsJam Annual Conference 2012 booking now open

Booking is now open for the 2012 MathsJam annual conference. As well as being a regular monthly event in pubs all over the UK and the world, MathsJam has an annual gathering on a weekend in November, where attendees enjoy lightning 5-minute talks, long coffee breaks and general mathematical hanging out – as well as MathsJam’s standard “puzzles, games, problems, and sharing fun stuff with like-minded self-confessed maths enthusiasts”.

This year, the conference will take place at Wychwood Park, near Crewe, on the weekend of 17th-18th November 2012. The Aperiodical editorial team will almost certainly be in attendance, so watch this space for details of the exciting things we have planned for the weekend.

Places cost £165 for one person or £250 for two people for the whole weekend, with discounts for the unemployed, the early, and those who don’t need a room at the conference park.

More information: MathsJam 2012.

Manchester MathsJam June 2012 Recap

Having been absent from the May MathsJam, I have been promised a writeup by Manchester MathsJam regular and sometime Aperiodical article-writer Andrew Taylor. This has not yet arrived, and in the interests of making things as temporally confusing as possible, I’m going to post the June writeup now and let that one happen whenever it happens.

June’s MathsJam coincided with one of England’s games in the Euro Football Time 2012 Soccer Cup, or whatever it’s called, but luckily the pub we use for our MathsJams is one of the few locations in Manchester not showing the game, and instead we were treated to some live jazz from the other room.

MathsJam April 2012 Photos

If you’ve taken a picture at a MathsJam and you’d like to share it, please submit it to our tumblr.

Manchester MathsJam April 2012 Recap

The turnout this month was slightly lower than usual, but many of our regulars were there and we had the chance to have some good discussions and really get into things.

Newcastle MathsJam April 2012 Recap

April’s MathsJam was very enjoyable. We did a bit of arts and crafts, a bit of playing games, and if it had been NBA Jam instead of Maths Jam I would have been entirely on fire because I used up all my IQ points solving some very fun puzzles. Durham were still on their Easter holidays so the attendance was a modest six people. That was just enough for everyone to be doing the same thing at the same time, so we had a good time.

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